Tehnn Li

A Carefree spirit with a thirst for mischief


Tehnn Li is trained in the fairly obscure style of the Blind Monkey, a fighting style only taught to those born without eyes. The Blind Monkey philosophy is to hit hard and fast, attacking the enemy from above or from behind, outside their field of vision, leaving any but others trained in Blind Monkey near defenceless. As a whole, the style is composed of seemingly frenzied kicks, punches and jabs that are all carefully executed and designed to resemble the chaotic nature of a Blind Monkey, along with the use of all four limbs to propel the fighter around the combat with incredible speed. Tehnn herself is about the same height as other students, but her height is impeded by her habit of crouching on the ground like a monkey and finds standing up straight like a normal person uncomfortable, she often has the habit of climbing up on things if she wants to talk face to face, her blindness since birth making her facial expressions very readable and her lies entirely see through. Tehnn is a very social person, and becomes depressed and withdrawn if she is left alone, seeing nearly everyone as a friend but is always ready to come to blows, seeing fighting as a game, though one of her less favourite ones at that.


Tehnn Li

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