A rebel with an attitude that is determined to become powerful and influential.


A practitioner of the Hungering Wolf style, an adaptation of his own which he drew from the Silent Wolf style. He uses Chi to focus his energy into his teeth, causing them to cut and rend like a wolf’s mouth. Unlike the Silent Wolf, which is about being calm, calculating, quick and deceptive, the Hungering Wolf seems a much more freestyle combination of Karate and Judo, focused more on being absorbed in the heat of battle, and few of their techniques remain connected between each other, the most prominent of them all is Wolf’s Gorge, where the combatant pins down both arms of his opponent and bites at the victim’s throat.
The original style was used typically for assassinations, or some bodyguard missions, and had similar agendas to many of the Ninjitsu styles taught in Japan, and as such was not non-lethal. Almost all of the attacks would involve biting down, or pining town to later bite, an enemy, which is lethal. Certain masters of this style which were particularly powerful in chi energy would bring forth affliction with these bites. Hungering Wolf, being adapted for a more tournament-style dojo such as the Academy, involves more punches and kicks rather than actual bites, as without using Chi, biting is not much more effective than a punch.


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